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Monday, November 1

Are you sick of the election yet?

I am. I was just sitting here doing my math homework and realized that most of the time when I think of a Bill Clinton I totally associate it with the SNL character played by Darrell Hammond. Not the actual former President of the United States of America. *begin soap box talk*
The election process in America is becoming less and less about issues that really matter to most people and more about slandering the other candidate. I'm sick of hearing about who did what to whom and who will do what if/when they are in office. I'm not voting tomorrow, let me tell you why. First off, I didn't get my absentee ballot stuff sent in time and I won't be around tomorrow. Secondly, I just don't care any more. I realize that whoever we elect will greatly influence a lot of things that will directly affect me, but I'm sick of it. For the last year all we've heard is how people are trying to spin the news a certain way to benefit a certain candidate. I've never been out of the country, but from what I hear the news in other parts of the world is greatly different. Whatever spin is put on it here; it's not the truth probably anyways.
I dunno I'm sick of the whole democratic process, let them have at it tomorrow, I'm going to enjoy my Tuesday like any other day with a barrage of "election updates" tomorrow night.
SNL is hilarious. Tonight is the election special, this is what politics should be about. Dana Carvey plays Bush Sr. and Perot perfectly. I love it. Will Farrell does pretty good with Bush II also.
I hate the rain, it rained all day today. I miss the sun already. My sunburn is gone now and I'm done molting. I didn't go to MNF at BW's tonight cause no one else was going, instead I came home and did homework.... woo hoo I should go call Erin and get to bed soon.
Let me just sum up everything I've said with one word from the 2000 Presidential debates.... Strategery


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