Life or Something Close

Sunday, October 3

Why the heck am I up this early?

It's 1130 but I've been up since like 10... It's weird. Last night was awesome though. Erin, Matt, Ali and I went to Indy for a night out on the town. We got all dressed up and headed to The Melting Pot and then after that went to Crackers in Broad Ripple. It was a good night I guess. The girls looked great, the food was awesome. One thing that wasn't as I expected was the fact that the comedian at Crackers was the exact same one I saw there last time I went. He used a lot of the same jokes actually. Oh well though, it was still fun
This weekend has gone really fast for some reason. I mean half of Sunday is already gone. I have tons of studying to today and I think after that Erin might come up or if she doesn't I'm going to start something that I should have started when I first thought of it. Who knows though, it's still early enough that I have no idea what I really want to do all day.


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