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Sunday, October 10

Not sure why I'm even writing

I guess it's because I feel an obligation to someone out there to write now and then just to keep everything up to date. I think I'm going back to the old layout though, the blue one, more space and all that junk... soon I guess.
Anyways the weekend was cool. Friday we went out with Orion and Katie... Dinner was ok I guess, but to make things worse I locked my keys in my car again! It wouldn't have been so horrible but it started to rain and the cop that was supposed to come and help me did n't see us so we had to call again. Grr... Finally got it opened, thank god for slim jims and then went straight to WalMart to get copies made for Erin to keep at home so I won't do it again hopefully...
Saturday I woke up in a bad mood. I dunno why, I got like 11 hours sleep I should have been fine. I decided that I just needed to get away. My thought was to go to Bloomington to enjoy a fall day or something. Instead though Erin and I went to Muncie and hung out with one of her friends. Went to CC down there and ran into a guy I used to work with, turns out he lives like 1/2 mile from Erin. We went out to eat and then saw Ladder 49. A really good movie actually, go see it. NOW!
Today I woke up, got some HW done and then went to BW's with Chris to cath the Colts game. Didn't see a lot of it cause we were just chilling and stuff, but it was a good game from what I saw. Came back to town tonight, watched some tube and just chilled. Sausage on the grill is great stuff. After Family Guy, Erin headed back and now I'm here... I guess that's all... I hate that this thing has turned in to more of a Dear Diary thing instead of some kind of outlet for my feelings... oh well... later


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