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Wednesday, October 20

It's been a week!

Well I just got done taking my fourth test of the week. MIS sucks. I think that's why I'm going to change my major actually. After taking this class I've decided that SAP just isn't' the way to go. I'll be a Management/HR major instead. I finally got in to see my advisor the other day and know I realize that I'm going to be here at least until May of '06. The last week has been cool. Matt is back in A-stan. Erin and I are still great. I worked on Saturday instead of going to Regionals, but hey at least I got paid. The other thing that I noticed on Saturday was f-ing snow. Snow! In October! Grr... I spent most of the weekend studying, or at least trying to study. Monday I went out with Jake and some guys to BW's to watch MNF. I didn't realize but BW's gives away a 27' TV every Monday after the 3rd quarter. I didn't win of course, but now I have a good reason to go. Heh. Last night I spent the better part of the evening trying to get everything ready for Florida. Man, I didn't realize how little I travel and how hard it is to find everything that you need when you really want it. Today, after history I'm going to Erin's sleeping a bit and then I'll be in FL by 930ish tomorrow. Heh. How cool is that, right now I'm sitting here in a hoodie and tomorrow at this time I'll be on a beach in shorts... gotta love it. I don’t' know what else there really is to say but I'm taking the laptop with me so I might just another entry in while I'm in.


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