Life or Something Close

Sunday, October 24

I'm home...

It's early but it feels so late to me. I got home around 4ish today... The plane landed at 115 or so. My back and sides are so burnt it pretty much hurts to do much of anything right now. I'm glad to be back home, but at the same time when I got home I was almost ready to go back again. Life on the beach just seems so much more laid back and relaxing than living in the corn fields.
Last night Erin and I played in the surf as the tide was coming in at sunset. A perfect night. After we got dried off, we went out dinner at this place called Silas Dent's not the greatest but it was kind of a double date with her parents so it was still all good.
I'm glad to back home, in my house with my stuff, but part of me will always want to live on the beach in the sun and surf... I'm a farm boy with beach dreams...


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