Life or Something Close

Wednesday, October 20

Fed Up!

I've had it. I just hate when people what me to be part of their lives then for no good reason go off on me. I mean really either I'm there or not , you make the choice and get back to me on it. A conversation that is totally facetious always gets thrown around the wrong way by innocent bystanders and suddenly I'm the bad guy when I did absolutely nothing wrong at all. I'm sick of it. From now on I'm out of everyone's life but my own. Not trying to help anyone, not trying to give anyone a leg up on anything. I'll be so glad when the morning gets here... I need a vacation. Also on a totally different note... I think I'm going to try for some internships over the summer. Nothing huge and I'll probably keep my current job too, but I think I need to work on some resume building while I still have time to do it. I mean technically I'm a junior as far as class standing goes, a senior by December. I just haven't taken all the junior classes yet because I can't seem to find a way to go to school and not have a job at the same time... Anyone win the Powerball lately and want to loan a poor college kid some money? Whatever I'm going outside so I can get to history on time and blow this popstand...


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