Life or Something Close

Thursday, October 21

The End of the First Day

A beautiful end to a beautiful dayIt's 830 here now... It's been a very long day. I got up around 430 took a shower and headed straight out the door for the airport... Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly but I just totally reaffirmed how much I hate flying. Once we got here, it was absolutely beautiful when we got off the plane. Once we got to the hotel, and of course that was cool we went over to the beach. Well I guess I should say, we went out to the beach, it's in our backyard basically. Anyways though I took off for the surf and while I was messing around with Erin and stuff in the surf... well I lost my glasses. Totally gone, we spent a bit of time looking for them but it was pretty much useless considering the surf here is crazy... Anyways though in perhaps the most amazing act of kindness I've ever seen, Ron bought me a new pair... you don't want to know what they cost and it really doesn't matter, I can see again... all is well. I guess I should get back to doing something with the fam... Later all.


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