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Wednesday, October 13

Don't talk politics with the grandma

Or... Don't try to rock the boat in math class
Yesterday was probably one of the weirdest days that I've had in a long time. First of all when I got up I was watching the news in the living like I do just about every morning, they were talking about the Presidential Debate that's happening tonight and all that stuff. My g-ma asked me about who I was going to vote for and all of that. Now I should preface this by saying that family is a family of union-proud factory workers that has probably voted Democrat since the 70's. I told her that I think Bush would probably be my choice and proceeded to argue with her about the war for the next 15 minutes. Of course as is the case when arguing anytime with her, I lost, not because she beat me with a point but because you can't change her mind once she's made it up so it was useless to even start arguing in the first place. Either way I learned my lesson, no politics at home.
Also when I finally got to school and the prof. was talking about God-knows-what this dood.... I don't know his name and it really doesn't matter anyway, was trying to prove the prof. wrong about some mathematical point she had just made. I mean really.... She wasn't trying to prove that 1 + 1 = 5... She was proving something about probability or something. This guy, who is also in my MIS class where he is also a loudmouth know-it-all, just kept going on and on, finally the prof. was like "Look, this is how it is, take it or leave it." I mean c'mon, you're a 20-something college kid, she's a tenured prof. with a PhD in Math; I think she's got you on this one.
Anyways though after that my day just continued to get worse and worse. I went to work and got some stuff started, but then I started feeling like crap. I was tired, dizzy, hot, and cold, you name it, I had it. I left early and went to Erin's to sleep for a bit, like 2.5 hours... Woke up, ate some salad and pie crust and then just sat around until like 10… went home and went straight to bed… It was good…
Now I’m in the library just chilling, listing to some PODCasts… Basically radio-on-demand. It’s good; I’ll blog about it more later.


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