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Wednesday, October 27

Another day... I guess

I'm so tired right now I mean in the last like 3 days I doubt that I’ve slept 12 hours total. I'm peeling so bad right now from the sunburn that I just itch all the time which makes sleeping really hard overall. I went to bed last night and woke up over and over again, just to itch and stuff. I was tossing and turning all night and the night before actually. Today was an OK day. Nothing exciting really to speak of. Last night I got pictures from Florida and as soon as I get home or to a place with a scanner I'll post some of them. Good stuff. Erin is awesome, she put them all in a little album thingy and it’s just cool. Jake's having a bonfire on Saturday so if you're going to be around, give me or him a call and come hang out with us. Weather providing anyways. I can't wait to get home tonight, I'm going to just chill... Too much other stuff has been going on for me really to just chill for the last few days. I'm tired of doing 'stuff'.
It's weird how simple things can change everything around you, almost like a butterfly effect I guess. People or things change ever so slightly and the world turns into a mess.
Separately, I'm sick of the election. I mean really, people all over the place are debating their points of view over nothing. I mean really if I believe something and you believe something totally different you probably aren't going to change my mind that easily and especially over a coke in the school commons. Just let it go and we'll see how it all comes out in the next week or so. Depending on Florida's voting problems anyways. God, I don't think that I could deal with another 2000 again, that was ridiculous. Let’s get the election done, inaugurate someone and move on with the war, the economy and whatever else is wrong with the country.
I'm so tired, did I mention that already, because I am.
I'm ready for snow, not like blizzard snow, but like heavy Christmas Eve snow. I'm ready for those picturesque mornings when you wake up and the streets haven’t been plowed yet and everything is just so still and so perfect. Nothing beats a winter day like that. Summer days are always full of something gong on, nothing beats the ear shattering silence of a cold winter morning. Time for class.


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