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Wednesday, September 8

Yard Rash 3: The electric lemonade stand

Wow, that was my only bit of creativity today. Let me tell you about this weekend though, quite possibly one of the coolest in a long time. Labor is the last day of summer, I mean that's it, the first days of school and the last days of hot... er something like that... anyways on Friday, Jake and I went over to Purdue to Adam and Josh's to chill... good times all around. Spit is really loud falling two stories on to a foosball table...
Saturday I went straight to Erin's to chill; she totally surprised the crap out of me and yet again proved to be the greatest. She got us tickets to symphony on the prairie and made us a picnic of fried chicken and all the trimmings. We sat out all evening under a clear sky and listened to the River City Brass Band play all our favorite tunes. The good was great, the music, was great and Erin is truly spectacular. It’s great to have someone who just surprises you at every turn. Sunday I chilled at home most of the day and then that night I went down to Erin's and we took Ali back to Anderson, I never realized that Anderson was that close. Too bad we missed a turn and ended up taking the long way home, we got there though.
Monday was Chris' party. Imagine this: Electric Lemonade, Four-wheelers, and a knee board. Yeah it was probably the coolest thing in the world and then we added a ramp in the yard and it got better. I got yard rash from flipping off the thing and actually I think I have a huge lump still on my leg from one of my "landings". Some old friends showed up to, unfortunately Erin couldn't be there cause she had family stuff to take care of. But it was good to see Josh and Auds again for sure. Yesterday was my first day working at PSF. I'm now a CAD designer, designing countertops for PSF. It's pretty cool really, I mean I get to be kind of creative, my boos is awesome, and I get to do some tech support stuff while I’m there on their equipment so there's always something to do. Learning CAD is going to be the hard part, but I’ve already picked up a bunch already and I think I’ll do fine. Anyway I’m ending this... it's long as it is...


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