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Thursday, September 23

It's late

Too late to actually be up. I just can't sleep for some reason. I think there might be something wrong, this is happening more and more. The good thing is that for some reason when I'm really tired, I can type better than when I'm wide awake. I did manage to get my new router setup tonight after not being able to sleep, perhaps I should reverse my schedule and start sleeping during the day and working at night... Doubt that would actually work though. School is really hard to attend at night.
Went over to Chris' tonight, his grampa died Monday so I wanted to go see hwo he was doing. I actually met him at Mac practice first, as it ended he went out for a "staff meeting" and I decided to go over to see Terra for a bit with Orion. We ate Taco Bell and just chilled basically. The "staff meeting" turned into a trip to the Hugger, which I was invited to, but at 1130 I'm just not in the mood to drive to Kokomo to see ugly girls dance naked...
But I did get the wireless fixed, woo hoo... Now I can be incredibly lazy like I am right now and lay in bed and surf the 'net and blog. Anyways, it's going to be another long day tomorrow too... Can't wait for vacation time... I need some days of nothing to get me going again..


  • Shoutout to you for helping me w/ my website. GET SOME SLEEP MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Ben, at 1:57 PM  

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