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Sunday, September 26

I'm so sore...

Ok so this weekend was one of those weekends where I felt like I was at a dead run all weekend. Saturday I got up early and headed to Erin's to help her dad do some work in the woods by their house, ok it's not really a woods, more like a tree line, but that doesn't really matter. I wielded a chainsaw for like 7 hours basically and I'm definitely paying for it today. I hurt just about everywhere.... Yeah even there.
Today was a good day though, slept in finally and got some much needed HW done. Then I found out that Matt will be home on Tuesday afternoon. So I called in and took the afternoon off so that I could meet him. It's going to be an interesting 2 weeks that's for sure.
Don't you think its cool how you can be gone from somewhere for like 6 weeks, walk right back in and feel like you haven't missed a beat? I love it, just hung out and had a good time. Just like old times
I have a bio test tomorrow, a history test Wednesday, and MIS quiz probably too... grr... Stupid profs getting in the way of my plans... oh well I'll be ok I guess.... Off to bed...


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