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Monday, September 13

Drama in the library

I'm sitting here in the library as is always the case on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It's cool and quiet, mostly. There is a man laying on a corner couch snoring, this man is probably one of the most annoying people I've ever seen. He's in my MIS class too, always the one who tries to relate the topic of the class to his chosen profession, healthcare. I mean I understand that this is a campus is about as varied as they come, young, old, all colors. There are people here who are straight out of high school and people here that are elderly and merely coming here because they never got the chance to go to college in their youth. This man however is freaking annoying just about everyone here... A 30-something man just got up and asked the snoring man to either stop snoring or move. Perhaps a fight will occur between two middle-aged men after class in the parking lot. He's leaving... thank goodness. Go sleep elsewhere, there are plenty of benches somewhere else on campus.
I also want to add that today is probably one of the hottest days in the last month or so. Weatherbug only says it's 84, and the humidity is 40% but still it wasn't this hot back in July when summer is supposed to be horridly hot. I dunno, maybe I'm bitter because I wore jeans instead of shorts... who knows. Off to make some phone calls and chill off-line for a bit....


  • we have a lady at our campus who is a lot like the snoring man at your library...asks alllll the questions in the world about anything, and they ususally don't have to do with the subject matter, tries to relate everything to her and her life, tried to live in the DORMS with us girls last year, even tho she's like, in her late 40s, but they wouldn't let her bring her dog, so she decided not to. that'd just be weird to have that lady as your roommate. i had her in both biology and astronomy and bio lab...wanted to gouge her eyes out w/ a spoon...

    By Andrea, at 4:51 PM  

  • I hate that snoring man he needs to be shot!!!

    By Ben, at 3:13 PM  

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