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Monday, August 23

Preflight jitters?

It's late. Too late. Too late for me to be up and on the computer. I don't know why but I just can't sleep tonight. Is it the fact that tomorrow I will not only start my semi-senior year of college? Or is it because I am going to give my 2 weeks notice at work? I have all these thoughts running through my head right now about what tomorrow and the coming weeks will be like. It's scary sure, but I don't think that's it, I think I'm just ready to get it started and back into a routine again. I'm going to be so busy, I don't know how I'm going to cope with it all, work, school, Erin, friends... I'm going to be stressed that's for sure but I'll manage some how.
Tonight was interesting to say the least. The plans that I was going to make never presented themselves so I went and made plans of my own. Knee-boarding behind a four-wheeler on freshly cut grass is awesome... until you fall off. That huts a bit. Next time we'll wait for snow before trying such an idiotic task.
I'm sitting here in front of the computer, the only sounds I hear are the whirring of the computer fan and I only see the light cast from the monitor on my quickly wandering hands over the keyboard. The end of one thing and the beginning of some many new. things are going to be different this year that's for sure; everything that happened last year drew lines that I don' think will ever be broken and the habits of the summer are likely to live on and on. I have to be up in 7 hours... why don't I just go to bed... of course I would lay there and toss and turn, but at least that's getting rest right... perhaps I'll go watch some TV and just relax


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