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Monday, August 30

Another day I guess...

It's Monday... I'm at school... Did I mention it's Monday? Yeah, so I'm bored, I've called about 4 people trying to find someone to talk to just to pass the time, instead I'm here in the computer lab, Farking. One thing that interested me was that Indian Larry died. I usually stay up way too late most nights watching some kind of Discovery Channel thing where someone is building a motorcycle or crazy car, Indian Larry was the man. He was covered in tattoos and always made things the way that he wanted them made, never the way that they were "supposed" to be made. He was a free spirit for sure. This week promises to be as grilling as ever... Last week of working at MMIMS, another week of school and juggling life in general... I wanted this all to happen though, so it's cool I guess.
It's amazing how life can take unexpected turns in a matter of days, your priorities change, your group changes, your schedule for everyday changes... Craziness.
Well I've got to go call Erin now, I really just wanted to kill some time and tell everyone about Indian Larry... later...
btw... When I stand there and don't say a word to you, even when you're trying to have a conversation, that means that I don't' want to talk to you, it's nothing personal, I just think you're psycho and I don't' want to associate with you... Think this is you? Probably not, as the person that I'm referring to would never read this and if they do, stop.


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