Life or Something Close

Tuesday, July 13

I am stressed...

That's pretty much the only thing I can come up with to explain what I feel like right now. I really don't' know why, well I guess I do but still it's not something that would usually make me feel like this. I mean sometimes I get a little worked up about stuff and then I can blow it off, but basically for the past few days or so I've been like totally overloaded with "stuff." I don't' even know what it is that's really bothering me to be quite honest. I mean yeah friends, work, school, and family have all been a little hectic lately but ya know... I can normally put on a happy face and go on about stuff. I dunno honestly I've had a lot of fun lately with everyone I mean overall at least. We went to the fair last night, going to the Michael W Smith concert tomorrow. I mean all in all everything is ok, but its' the little things that are just eating away at me. I wonder if this is all coming on because I've pretty much ignored this thing in the last little while and just haven't' taken any time for me or something. Hmmm... Something to think about I guess. Anyways though, last weekend was awesome, just like home. I mean really, wow, I've never been so... comfortable and just well at home. It was good, I'm happy for what I have and for what I will have. For those of you, who feel the need to be uncomfortable with it, kiss off. You can't' be two-faced for that long and expect me not to find out about it. I heard what you said and who you said it to, some day the truth will come out and I'll make sure that your humiliation is much greater than mine. You've done worse than I did, and I can prove it. An explosion is brewing, and even though you're not totally responsible, you will probably bear the brunt of it... learn to deal or get out.


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