Life or Something Close

Monday, June 7

Psych sucks

Don't you hate when the reverse doesn't work and you end up getting ran over? I did. This weekend was probably one of the weirdest I've had in a while really. And that's saying a lot really. Meet another old friend today, actually one of my best old friends. He's getting married at the end of the summer to an even old friend. Its crazy ya know? She's starting her career, getting married; he's almost out of school. I'm not either. Weird. The weekend was interesting, yes, that's where I was. Crackers was cool. A short night I guess, but cool just the same, I still didn't get home still almost 330, but hey that's why you have a ton of friends, so you can call anyone anytime and always find something to do. Saturday was a little more interesting, nothing happened, but boy were some stories told to me that I just couldn't' believe. It's amazing how people change; I wonder how I've changed over the last few years. I don't' care particularly. New girls, new friends, it's getting to be an interesting soap opera of a life really... whatever, time to lift... well get gas and then lift... I'll write more later I guess...


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