Life or Something Close

Wednesday, June 23

It's all good

You should listen to: If I Ain't Got You -Alicia Keys

Wow… that's really all I can say right now. Things over the past few days have just been absolutely amazing. It all started on Sunday afternoon when I decided to meet Annie in town to exchange her cell phone. Of course, we got there too late and they were closed but the cool thing was she brought along her friend Erin. There were the usual pleasantries and such, no big deal. Then we decided to go to Meijer… that's where everything began to change. After Meijer we ended up at Annie's house, just to look at some pictures…. Let me just cut to the chase her since I need to get to work; I ended up inviting Erin to DMB. We had the most amazing time together. We've hung out pretty much all the time ever since. Things are good now. She's someone that I normally wouldn't' date, she's just not the type that I usually go for and honestly, that's probably the best thing about her. She's probably more of what I need than I've been looking for. There's so much I can say about her right now, but since I have to get to work, I should probably cut this short and leave it up to those of you who actually know me to ask me about her and everything that's gone on. I'm off to work….


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