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Monday, June 21

An amazing weekend!

This weekend was by far one of the best I've had in a long long time. First off Friday, I went out with Bethany and got my massage and just chilled with her at the mall. Then we partied at Kyle's, nothing too big or anything. Basically just 7 of us chilling out for a while. Good times. But Saturday is really when all the fun began. I drove to U of I in the afternoon, met up with an old friend turned new again. We went to Circle Centre, shopped, went to the Formula 1 thing on the Circle, nothing exciting there. Then we went back and tried to go to club on the northside, it was a little to ghetto for us. So we went back to her place and just chilled for a while. We danced a bit, chilled a bit and then finally got to bed around 5ish. Good lord, a great night. Definitely something I want to go do again. She's gonna be our new Indy buddy. Sunday just topped everything off too. I got home around noon. Ate diner with the fam. Then I slept until about 430. I was so exhausted. Come to think of it, I still am. Anyways
I had to meet Annie at Verizon so I could give her the phone I found on eBay. Of course, Verizon closes at 5 and we got there at 505. Grr... She had been gone all week at some wedding or whatever but she brought her new friend Erin with her. Heh. Erin is a cool girl. Anyways we trucked it over to Annie's to look at pics from the wedding, of course when we got there Annie wouldn't' show them to me but I got to know Erin a little better. :) So anyways I go home, I did some HW that badly needs to be finished and then I headed over to Chris' to rescue him. Right after I got there though, I got a VM from Erin that she was in Peru at East End. Drove over there pretty fast. We hung out for a bit then headed out to Mac to lift. She played some ball with us. OK really to be honest I don't know what I'm thinking here... I mean everything just kind of happened and it was really cool. It's all in the eyes probably. I dunno...
Tonight is DMB. I'm freakin excited cause I'm goin to go get Erin a ticket at lunch today so we'll have 7 people with us. woot! It's supposed to rain tonight which will totally suck, but hey, DMB and a ton of friends, what else could you ask for right?
Anyways I should get back to work, time is money or something like that.


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