Life or Something Close

Tuesday, May 4

School sucks!!!

Actually it's more like the bookstore that really sucks. This semester I spent about $400 on 6 books. These books have been very heavy to carry to and from my classes while only actually using them a few times. I knew that when book buy-backs came around I would not recieve much for them, but today when I tried to sell them all back I was completely and utterly appalled. $12!!! They wouldn't buy back 4 of them at all and only offered me $8 and $4 for the others. How retarded is that? I'm fuming mad right now, I need to buy books for the summer, and I have no money to do that with right now. So nwo I'm going to go study for my psych test (wouldn't buy that book back, overstock) and then I'll be off to my Soc. test (wouldn't buy that book back because they aren't using it anymore). So yeah... i'm off. Leave some comments about your book buy-back experiences....