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Saturday, May 22

Sam on TTY

So the last few days have been cool actually I think for me. Work is going pretty good, I've been in Noblesville and Logan for the past few days so I cant' say that I've been bored by sitting at my desk. As a matter of fact yesterday I got a call from a lady who had a man on the phone who was using TTY. Now I've never really known anyone who was deaf or that used TTY so this was my first brush with a call like this. Basically it goes like this, they introduce themselves through a reader basically. Someone actually has the job to just sit there and read what other people are writing to someone, then they typed whatever I said back. Same was looking for a new HD. Usually a simple enough request but he wanted a specific one that we didn't carry, one that he wanted by today. That's just not possible, I think he was pretty mad too, he hung up on me. Kinda rude considering it took almost 20 minutes on the phone to find out what he wanted and then for me to confirm it.... whatever though... I'm moving on.
Last night we went to Kevin Pollack's show at Crackers. This man is hilarious. He does impersonations and just that will kill you. Chris Walken and Jack are probably the best that I've ever seen. Went to Macaroni's before that, pretty cool I must say. Got stuffed that's for sure. I dunno what else I can really say right now. I have a ton to do today, my mind is all scattered about... I'm going to go eat and then get started on what I have to do today.


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