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Monday, May 31

A long weekend that ended too soon

I’m sitting here realizing that the weekend is nearly over. It’s been quite the eventful weekend really. Party on Friday was rockin’ tons of people that we didn’t even realize would show up and just a good time all around. Definitely something that we’ll have to do again… probably should take a break from it though and let everyone recharge a bit. Then on Saturday I played golf a bit, didn’t shoot too bad but bad enough. Saturday after we got everything ready for Sunday I went to bed early. Then at 4AM yesterday started… What a day. First of all we got there at about 7… the race normally doesn’t start till 11 anyways. We walked around a bit in the infield. Actually ran into some people that I knew. Weird to see guys from the old IUK crowd. Finally we got to our seats, pretty good seats actually but then the waiting began…. Indiana gave us a taste of its wonderful weather. First they started about 2 hours late then there was a delay then they got going again. Finally after all the caution laps and stuff the race was basically called at 630 as the skies opened. While we were walking back they told us that there was a tornado around and that we should hurry. I got to the car totally soaked, changed clothes and started driving… We were going to stop in Carmel and eat, but with the weather being so bad we just decided to drive home, as were heading down 26 they said that there was a tornado about 10 miles behind us. Not cool. We went to Annie’s aunt’s house… chilled there while things blew over, it sounds like they really did here at home; parts of Peru are wiped out…. So sad. Really it is. Today I got up late, played some more golf.

Things have been different lately. Some old things are just not working anymore. I don’t’ really know what’s happening with life right now.  I dunno tomorrow starts another week, lifting tonight… I’m outta here.


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