Life or Something Close

Friday, May 7 hard on the knees

Its all my fault. I did exactly what I told myself I wouldn't do again. Things are going to work out one way or another. I'm sure that everythgin that happened last night was for the best, last night just wasn't the best night for it to happen. I thought I saw the signs taht were leading my one day, I just missed a turn and fell off a cliff. Maybe in the next few days/weeks it'll all figure itself out. Stress is something that I really don't want right now, I'm good at helping other people deal with it, just not myself.
It's weird though, I feel that I've been in this exact spot before, all the same stuff was happeneing, and all the same stuff did happen. What should I do now? I let myself go back before and everything was great... for a while, what will happen now? It's time to get to work... more to come as it unfolds.