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Monday, May 24

I'm rebuilding my puter tonight...

So tonight after being totally frustrated with the way that my computer was running, I deleted everything and started over... Then I went and lifted and played some ball with the guys. I should have known it wouldn't go smooth. I installed Windows 2000 instead of XP. So now I'm sitting here on the laptop waiting on XP to get done installing again... grr.. Anyways, we lifted.. I'm pathetic but that's ok, I want to be able to bench my body weight (170) by Labor Day. Only 60 pounds to add. That should be do-able. Right? Anyways on to other stuff. Today was really tiring. I worked all day of course, a tech didn't show this morning so that threw everything out of kilter. Is kilter even a word? Hmm... must be a midwest thing prolly. Anyways I was cleaning out old stuff tonight and came across an old email. You know those emails that you write and you probably never should have? Yeah, found one of those, thank God I didn't send it. Maybe someday I'll send it just for fun... Just to get a reaction more than anything. The weekend finished up pretty good actually. The fire was good, I'm rested... It's all good. Ahh,... Only 5 more days to the race. I can't wait... I'm ready for something new and exciting. I'm sending Matt a box tomorrow. It weighs about 20lbs... Postage is going to be unreal, but I gotta help my boy out. He's defending everything that we love and take for granted. I hope all of you out there will say a prayer for him and his unit tonight. He's having a rough time over there, seeing guys shot and stuff... Hang a yellow ribbon for the 221st. G'night all


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