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Monday, May 24

I hate Mondays

So I'm sitting here at work right now. Yes that's right at work. I should be in Logansport right now setting up a new system for a doctor's office. Instead, my lead tech is in bed sick today and instead of getting things done so that tomorrow I could play catch up; now I'm playing catch up when I really don't have that much to catch up on yet. We have a lot of work to get done around here in the next few weeks and any small glitch is going to just snowball for us.
Last night we had a party/campfire at Jake's. Good times. Do you realize how hard it is to catch a wet foam football in the dark? Dang near impossible. Anyways though the fire was cool, we had some friends there and it was just a cool night. I had my doubts about whether we were even going to have it actually, it stormed almost all day. Then around 730 the clouds broke up and we had a beautiful night under the stars (with a little lightning in the distance). This week promises to be as hectic and stressful as ever. We've got to get ready for the race on Saturday, I think there might be something going on on Friday night. I've got class too, crap, HW, forgot. Anyway though I think things are finally getting better with everyone and that we will all be ok. Some day can't come soon enough though.


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