Life or Something Close

Tuesday, May 4

3 More to go...

Soundtrack of my life: Walking in Memphis - Marc Cohn

It's getting to be that way again, where I only write when I feel the desperate need to write something to keep this thing fresh. I am getting ready to head to Kokomo to take my last 3 finals for the year in a few. I should have studied a lot more instead of going out last night but it was a cool night anyways. Sorry about the marshmallow in your hair.... Throwing flaming marshmallows off a coat hanger is never a good idea... The past few days have been both hectic and wonderful at the same time. Looks like my friend might have found someone, she's a very cool girl, and I hope it works out well. We're all going out tomorrow night so we shall see. I took my first final on Saturday morning, business law, what fun. The good news is I got an 88% on the test which means I get an A for the class.... Go me. Now if I can just do the same things in my other classes I have s shot at actually getting that 3.5 that I've been wanting... Today will be the day to find out. The thing that sucks is one prof will grade my test while I'm standing there and the others will take a week if not longer to grade it so I wont' know until I actually get my grades in the mail as to how well I've done.... Anyways I should get going, I might write more later today about everything else that's going on with life.