Life or Something Close

Tuesday, April 13

What should I say?

Soundtrack of my life: Jason Mraz - You and I

It's been a while since I've posted something, maybe I should, but I almost feel like this is the end of everything. I keep posting here, I used to post almost everyday, people read it and all that, and a few people even saw it as entertaining. But it seems that for the past few months people were getting mad about what they read or didn't read for that matter. Let me explain something to everyone out there. This is not here for me to talk about you; it's for me to talk about me. I write what I want to write and when I want to write it. I write about who I want and the experiences that I want to write about. If you got left out don't' take it personally, I just didn't' want to share everything with the rest of the world. If I did write about you and you too offense to it, stop taking it personally, I could be talking about you behind your back or worse yet holding it all in and then going off on you or something.
With all that said, let me continue with my life:
The past week has been great, almost. There has been so much drama lately with people that it's not even funny. I mean c'mon it's done let it go. There was no intention of anything happening, it just did. Remember it takes two for something to happen. What was going on before obviously wasn't' taken the right way. You're blaming the wrong people. You're not even talking to the right people. Let's move on.
This is the earliest I've been home in like 6 days; I've been getting in between 1 and 3 in the morning every night. I can't say that I'm complaining at all though. It's been absolutely great. Like I said before though I don't know where it's going to lead, I frankly don't care though, it's fun. I'm probably reading into things a bit too much as usual, but that's ok, thing shave a way of working themselves out, it can't all be bad.
I started my new job yesterday, so far so good. I was crazy busy with everything, and not everything is done yet either, but that's ok, it'll calm down and things will iron themselves out.
I'm making some big plans for this summer right now. I'm going to concerts... I've skipped out on them long enough; so far we're up to Aerosmith (maybe), DMB, and John Mayer with Maroon 5.Anyways... I'm off to finish stuff up and get to bed at a decent hour.
You don't talk to me, How can I expect to listen, I just want to here your voice, you'd rather enjoy your sorrow...