Life or Something Close

Saturday, April 3

Some things never change

It's amazing how sometimes you wake up and go about your day just as you normally would and don't give a second thought to the way things are changing around you. You merely change with them and move on. Last night I had the opportunity to see two totally different sides of myself in just a few hours. I started out by going out with an old friend, we go back at least 6 years, which may not sound like a lot to some, but it's like my second oldest friend I guess. Anyways though we went out and really just got to know each other again, but there's the cool thing about it, we didn't really have to get to know each other again, we just clicked, even after not seeing each other for the past 4 or 5 months it just worked. She brought a friend that surprisingly I knew from a few years back with another friend and of course we got along ok too. We went to her church to go to a youth night thing, very cool, just playing games and meeting new people, something I haven't' done for a long time. Then around midnight I made the trek out to see my other friends, my current friends if you will, my SB buds... They were just watching a movie or whatever, but it's weird cause about 15 minutes after I got there I realized that my mood had totally changed, instead of being in that reflective, almost passive mood, I was in the "I want to be the center of attention" or at least the "look at me!" stage. I don't' think that either thing was particularly bad per se, but I just found it odd that I changed so much just going from friend to friend. I should point out that both sets of friends are very different in almost every way so maybe I shouldn't see it as such a big deal. Who knows, I just totally lost my train of thought here... so on to other things.
The job hunt isn't' going so well, most everyone is not hiring or they have jobs that either I don't' know how to do or wouldn't do yet. It's going to be a long month I can tell.... At least at the end of this month, I'm going clubbin... heh... later all