Life or Something Close

Sunday, April 4

Revving up....

VrroommThis weekend has been on of those forgettable weekends that a lot of stuff happened during but nothing that you really remember as being extremely cool I guess. I'm taking today as a sort of new step on the outlook towards everything. First off, I cleaned today, I mean really cleaned... my desk looks amazing right now and so does the rest of my room, then later on today I'm going out to buy some weights... I've been meaning to do this for months now but I saw some in an ad today that didn't look like a bad deal... The same old crap is really getting on my nerves; it's time for something new... I'm giving up carbonation today too... I think I can drop 5 pounds pretty easily by doing that and then I'll be down to the weight that I want... Anywasy off to Kokomo for me... catch you later