Life or Something Close

Monday, April 26

Rainy Days and Mondays....

I wrote that in Psych the other day... I was bored and just started writing. I don't' know what everything means really, or even why it's slightly poetry and slightly not. I just wrote it, and I wanted everyone to see it. It's far too late to go any farther... I have to be at work in less than 7 hours.
I've become what I once was, doing what I one did. Now I am at the same crossroads again, will history repeat itself? Leaving the mediocre to receive the great? Remember before when the OK became like a swan, once more please? The connections are amazing, the angels on the shelf, and the names in the night. Faces so strange yet so kind. Long and lonely nights may not be over yet, but they've became so much more. I fell too hard and too fast, I fell in an instant. Did I land on my feet this time, perhaps my head? A busy life in these times, but never too busy for this. I'd give it all up for one night more. Jealously rears its ugly head once more. It's not my place to say, but it hurts every time life the times before, when I couldn't' do anything about it. I don't' think I've moved past it all quite yet, but I'm waiting on nothing, that something I wonder if I ever even had. No more games, don't' have to worry about that, I still I play those same games, just wanting it all back. No, I've found something new, a rocky road to start, and some things to clean up. Now it's all good, that is if it ever begins. Stars and Songs are ruined, burned on me always. A Lullaby that was once ours now belongs to no one.