Life or Something Close

Tuesday, April 6

It's Spring!

The sweet smell...Today was a pretty good day really. Surgery went well. She'll be able to see again probably tomorrow or the next day. My 1 o'clock got cancelled today so I went to the BMV to get my license plates for the car and then I went off to school. It was wonderful to drive with the windows down and the stereo blaring old songs from my HS and MS days... Remember Primitive Radio Gods? Didn't think so, but everyone knows their song when they hear it. I got to school and when I got to Psych realized that I had not one but two tests today, after 10 minutes of intense cramming I took the test... think I did OK, but not great... Then I hung out for a bit until I went to Soc... Took that test... grr... we'll see on that one. Then I went out to eat, studied a bit and went to Law... Boring really, except for the going out to eat thing... I noticed something, I got out of my car and was almost overwhelmed by the smell of daffodils in the air, it seems that BK had just plated some blooming daffodils near the door; I must say it was a wonderful reprieve from the stench of Kokomo. So now I think its official, spring is here, we have flowers, nice days, it's great... I'm just gonna chill tonight and then go to work tomorrow.. Catch you all later...