Life or Something Close

Monday, April 19

I'm having fun ya'll...

Soundtrack of my life: Letters From War - Mark Schultz

Well yet again it's been too long since I've posted but since I just woke up at 645 to go to work at 9 (?!?!?!) I'll write about the weekend. It's been great really, I mean I think this is one of the better weekends I've had really over all. Friday after a long and hectic day at work I went to Logan to help a friend out with a PowerPoint project. After that we drove to Kokomo to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. Just the 4 of us. I must say that even though I didn't' see Vol. 1 I don't think that I missed that much really. It was an OK movie, I just don't' think I was in the mood really. Annie was tired and stressed about life so that made it odd I guess. But anyways on to other things. Saturday night was probably the weirdest. I spent the entire day cleaning out the car, I mean I did it all, I went to the car wash and spent like 20 min with the hose just getting all the junk off of it, then I chamois it dry before I left. After I got home, I waxed the entire thing, which took about an hour or so by itself. Then after that I cleaned out the inside and washed all the windows. I should have known it wouldn't' last though, It's dirty now again, too many bugs out already and it's dusty from the farmers plowing. Oh well its cool though. So anyways though, Annie came to dinner at my house on Saturday cause she was passing by on her way back from LaPorte/MI. After that we took off for Kokomo. We got about halfway there when I realized that some East End Life Saver Sprite sounded good. So we turned around and headed back to Peru. A waste of gas I'm sure but it's ok. Just as we were leaving I dumped half of an ice cream cone on my freaking car. Right on the fender. My clean, just waxed car. Grrr... Jake called us, and we headed off to his house. After some coaxing we got him to go hang out with us. We flew to Kokomo and took some junk back to Old Navy, then we headed back to Peru again to hang out with my friend from way back.
Actually it was cool. New friends and old all together, just chillin and having a good time. I can't say much for details right now but those who know, know it was a good time. Annie drove us all home and I just crashed.
Yesterday my 80 GB HD with 9GB of Mp3 and 30GB of movies crashed... Well it didn't' crash totally... it just only worked for about 3 minutes at a time, making it very hard to transfer all the junk off. I got everything off. Finally. I spent all of yesterday afternoon though with Annie in Kokomo just shopping and hanging out. Bought a new HD and some new clothes and cologne. We got some Strawberry Mt. Dew and all was good. Then we hung out with her friend Jenny, she's cool. We finally got to her house about 930 and just chilled and watched A Walk to Remember, a chic flick I realize, but it's not a bad story and Mandy Moore is pretty freaking hot at times.
So I guess basically what I'm saying is that I had a blast this weekend overall, and since I totally neglected to study this weekend, I'll be spending all of tonight after work in the library working my butt off. I need to go get ready for work now, stupid client meetings...