Life or Something Close

Thursday, April 1

Don't call me at 8am!

So I got to bed about 2 last night... no problem I didn’t' have to be up until like 10 this morning, more than enough sleep, then the phone rang at 8... I don’t' even remember who it was but either way it wasn’t' someone that I wanted to talk to that early, then it rang again at 830, 9, 945, and then for the last time around 1030... WTF! It was all these random people just calling for no reason... grr. So I've been up since 830 basically since I couldn’t fall back to sleep after all that going on. I went to give my resume to a guy today; he basically said thanks, no thanks. He said eh would look for me but it looks like its' going to be a total bust. I know this guy from another job I had a while back and while we weren't the best of friends, we got along ok, now I think he's just... Well whatever.
Went to Philo today and was pretty much bored out of my mind, now I'm sitting in the library listening to some tunes waiting on Soc. at 4... What fun that will be. I wrote my paper last night, basically just halfed it... No reason to try, actually there's a reason just no motivation I guess. This is bad, I'm one month from finally finishing another semester and I'm actually doing pretty well, and I'm going to screw it up, I just know it. Speaking of doing well though I did get the highest grade in the class for my Law test on Tuesday. That's pretty cool, but it's bad when the highest grade is an 86%.
  • GMail I saw this today, thought it was an April fools joke, sort of like GCHEESE but apparently they are serious. 1GB spam free email... could it be possible? We'll see, I signed up, hopefully they'll pick me.

I don't know what I'm going to do tonight actually, my 7 o'clock had been cancelled so I should be home by 6 tonight and I don’t' think anyone is going to be around to hang out. Maybe I should just stay home...
The job search is going, but I'm not sure how well... Basically right now, I'm living for the weekend, and trying to save money at the same time. Should be an interesting combination to figure out. Anyways, I'm going to go surf some more and waste more time... catch you all later