Life or Something Close

Monday, April 26

Dazed and Confused

It's been something of a long weekend. Friday we went out just to chill, ate some good and then went home basically... Nothing too big. Saturday I spent most of the day just chillin around the house and stuff... Can't say that I did much of anything really. After eating dinner at Jake's house though, we went over to Chris's and chilled with him and Terra and the PS2... good times. Then we went to Kokomo and went bowling with Annie and Kyle and Orion. At BW's later on though it seemed that basically me and Chris and Terra just reminisced about old times and just bored everyone else to death. I kind of felt bad about that part.
Things are really confusing right now and I think for the first time tonight I realized that I'm not the only one who is confused. Things happened really fast and I think it blew both of us away really. I'm happy for the most part with everything, and I hope the other person is too. We've had some great times lately, I think at least. The thing is that we are so busy with the other parts of our life that we almost don't' have to be worrying about what's going on between us. What should we do? I'm so confused myself that I can't help anyone with anything really.
I think I know what I want, can I have it please?