Life or Something Close

Monday, March 8

My butt hurts...

Soundtrack of my life: The Way it Is - Bruce Hornsby

OK, so last night I went to the tanning bed. I should have known things wouldn't turn out right when I tried to use my buy 1 get 2 coupon and they wouldn't let me that things were not going to end up well. Well I went for 15 min...... Now I'm bright freaking red and my butt is itching like there's no tomorrow... This is so not cool. I've aloed the crap out of my back and butt today so hopefully that will clear things up.
This weekend was kind of boring really, went to Ambyr's and chilled on Friday and then just hung out everywhere on Saturday. I didn't' say it was bad, just not that eventful I guess. I've only got 4 more days to before SB and it's probably going to be the longest 4 days of my life... I need to get out of here and just chill for a while.
I gotta get to work...
I'm always here if you need anything….