Life or Something Close

Tuesday, March 16

Monday is over... kinda I guess

This is our theme for the week so far...It's late we just got home from clubbin... well we went to go clubbin downtown and didn't find anything. We did end of at one place... some electronic piece of crap bar thingy... Then we walked around town and junk... Orlando isn't a bad town, just a bad one for spring break I guess... We're going out tomorrow to check out the town a little better in the day time and see if we can't find something that will be better. Today was kind of a dull day I guess you could say. It rained... but I hear that at home they are getting 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow so it's all good. We went to a mall and junk, I bought a new coat which I really like but it's probably something I could have gotten at home. I think one thing that we're all forgetting is that we're here to just have fun and goof around, we don't' have to plan everything and all go the same place all at the same time, I think I'm just going to start realizing and going my own way with stuff... too much drama tonight that's for sure. I could write more probably and I probably should but I need to go back and join the gang now I suppose, I've kind of enjoyed just sitting here alone with my music on and enjoying a frosty beverage... :) anyways though I'll write more later when I have time... Most likely tomorrow night...