Life or Something Close

Wednesday, March 3

Just passing the time

I'm sitting at IUK waiting on some people but since I have a few minutes I thought I'd post something. May not be of any great significance but at least it's something I guess. Today kinda flew by actually, I was on the phone all morning setting up stuff for work over SB. Looks like we're going to get a lot done actually. Tonight I'm gonna hang out... it's been a weird week so far and hopefully tonight I can just relax and enjoy myself... nothing strenuous. Only 9 days to go now and I can already tell that SB is going to be awesome... relaxing is all I wanna do. I should stay home tonight and study actually now that I think about it but if I don?t study I don?t? think I?ll really care honestly. I?m just not into school right now. I should be taking summer classes cause I?m so far behind with stuff but I?m afraid that I?ll be burnt out on school by next fall and then my grades will suffer or something? not cool either way.
I think I have the Netsky.D virus too at home now? I?ve gotten about 50 emails today that have bounced from 3 of my email addresses (yes, I?m a geek) and now I can?t? figure out how to get rid of the thing. I?ve tried everything that Symantec and everyone else said to get rid of it and when I check for it, nothing shows up. Unless someone hacked my website and got all my passwords and junk I don?t see anyway for me to get the virus, I?m the most paranoid person I know when it comes to security on my computer? grrr? Anyways though I should wait on the guys? catch you all later