Life or Something Close

Monday, March 15

I'm still up...

It's 10pm now, we've got our groceries and other supply for the week... life is good right now... Today has been one of those days when we just get used to each other really. I think it's one of those things that every group goes through I think, we all know each other pretty well from school and all, but living with people for a week and sharing expenses and all that stuff, it's a totally different world. The other bad news for the day is that it's probably going to be raining, all freaking day! Oh well though, at least it'll give us a chance to see some of the sights around town that we wouldn't go to normally.
OK, it's now 1130am on Monday. I feel much much better now. We stayed up til about midnight playing cards and just goofing around. Kyle was in my bed, I kicked him out and he was just mumbling all this crap about his bed, finally he just said "F*** it!" and just got up. I guess he slept in his bed, I dunno.
I think today it's going to rain so we're going to go to the outlet malls and junk. That's cool with me; I'd be cool if we just chilled in the room all day actually. Tonight I hope we go to a club or something. I just wanna let loose and have some fun. I'm gonna go take a shower I guess... it's almost noon now. I'll write again later