Life or Something Close

Monday, March 1

A horridly nice day...

Soundtrack of my life: Grace Like Rain - Todd Agnew

Heh...I shouldn't post things like this. So today I woke up feeling like utter and total crap, it went down hill from there basically. I went to work, ran like mad trying to get like 3 jobs to the printer by noon. Of course there were changes to be made and stuff so it was more like 1 before anything was totally done. I chucked all over a parking lot before I could even get to work, and felt horrible the rest of the day. About 130 I went home. I went straight in and went to bed. I hadn't eaten anything all day and I didn't care at all. I didn't care, I felt bad. I woke up around 530 for dinner (which I still didn't eat) and just kinda sat around until now. Now I'm going to go play basketball with some of the guys until like 12 or so and hopefully I don't die before that. Tomorrow I have a psych test and lord knows what else, I just know that I haven't studied for anything. I'm such a lazy piece of crap. Is it bad when you sleep like 40 hours in 3 days?
PS Thanks to my new reader Hootress for posting some comments, if the people I know IRL wont' post at least someone will.