Life or Something Close

Monday, March 22

Everything else

Soundtrack of my life: Bounce - Sarah Conner

I've neglected to tell everything from Spring Break.... Here's the rest:
Thursday night we came home to something... something odd, a very inebriated man. Let's just say that we had a lot of fun with him, peanut butter and dogs were involved and pictures were taken. It was a great time for all. Then on Friday Jake, Chris, and I went to Downtown Disney to shop for souvenirs. It was cool to see it in the daytime. Finally Friday night came around, we partied hard. At least I did. We went to Pleasure Island and had a blast. Long Islands rule, just don't get the bucket! I want to say hey to Dawn, whoever you are. I remember your shirt and your name, but not much else. I want to apologize to everyone that rode home with me; I was way too loud for my own good. After getting home around 3ish I finally went to bed around 4. Got up on Saturday at 12 and got stuff ready to leave. We were finally on the road at around 230... The longest drive ever. It sucks leaving a place that's 80 and getting home the next morning where it's 20. I wanna go back.
All in all though I had a good time, lots of things came out that probably wouldn't have earlier, suspicions were made about people, and I think they'll be confirmed soon enough.
But seriously thanks to all my friends for going. Ambyr, thanks to your grandma for the place, Ben, thanks for keeping Ambyr in check, Kyle, thanks for driving a few nights and keeping me up to date on NCAA and my miserable picks, Chri-as, thanks for all of it dood, we gotta hang out more, Jake, thanks for keeping me sane all week. DJ, thanks for the memories of peanut butter and John. Sorry about Sparky.
I should go study... every story that should have been told has been told to everyone that needed to hear it. The memories will live on, plus I have pics to prove most of it.