Life or Something Close

Tuesday, March 2

98 cents change...

So I just got back from Burger King where I had my usual #1 with cheese combo. Total: $4.02. Normally I have a few odd coins to come up with some kind of change for the bill, but today for some reason I had no change on me. So I gave the cashier a $5. Simple enough get 98 cents change. Not today though, the girl apparently missed the making change part of her training because first she handed me 2 cents change after a protest she handed me the other 96 cents but only after counting it out in her about 4 times, 98-2=96 right? Geez, first of all you would think that the #1 with cheese would be popular enough for BK to round off to a halfway round number so that they could advertise it, "#1 with cheese only $4!" Apparently corporate America isn't as smart as we give them credit for. Whatever, that was way too much about such a small thing.
So today I met someone that I didn’t' even realize I knew, I guess anyways. I recognized her for a long time but could never put a name with the face I guess. Well we talked for like 5 or 10 minutes about old stuff mostly, not like we had history or anything just some things in common. Brought up some old wounds that still aren't healed apparently. I still don’t' have a great response to that one question I get asked all the time. And on another slightly related note, I hate the "small world" principle... Too many people know me who know other people. Almost feels like I have no privacy with certain things. Although I don’t' have anything to really hide from people, it just seems that I can't keep certain things private for a while. It would have gotten out anyway; I just wanted it out on my terms I guess.
10 days to go for SB, I'm so excited, not just to go to Florida, but basically just to get away from here for a while. It'll be nice to be carefree for a week really. Last year was a blast; I can only hope that this year will be as good. We keep losing people that are going with us, but that's cool, sometimes the smaller groups work out better I think. It’s too bad that some can't go but I understand why they are not going I guess. If anyone out there is interested in a week in Orlando with some college people let me know... We'll pick you up on the way down.
I need money... for some reason I just can't seem to hold on to it lately, this sucks with SB coming up too. I think I'm going to have forgo any kind of theme park adventure there just to get by. $60 for a day at Universal just isn’t' worth it really. If others want to go then that's fine but I'm just going to chill. For some reason last year I felt like we had to go do everything and anything we could but this year I just think that relaxing and doing what we actually did do last year will be better.... Anyways... time for class soon, I should go do my reading... later