Life or Something Close

Thursday, February 12

Trojans, not the good kind

For those of you that have the AIM trojean that sends out a link to everyone on your buddy list. Please go here Enter your Sn and hit Submit. It appears to work, also after you do that, check your Add/Remove Programs for BuddyLinks, PSDT Messaging Integration, PSD Tools ChannelUp v1.0 (remove only). If you want more info check CNN. To everyoen else, if you dont' have it, don't open any links that someone IMs you that you are nto expecting. Osama has not been cpatured and Saddam ahs nto escaped.
There is also an email going aroudn that appears to be from Microsoft with an attachment. It's not real! Microsoft does not send out patches through email, go to Windows Update to see if there are updates for your compter. Symantec has removal instructions here if you already have this one too.
I think I may start a separate blog or at least another with some security/virus stuff on it. Alot of peopel seem to get this stuff lately that i know. Might be a helpful little thing. We'll see.