Life or Something Close

Monday, February 2

On monkeys and such...

Soundtrack of my life: In Da Club - 50 Cent

So I hear from a reliable source that you either hear or see the word "monkey," or see an actual monkey everyday. I found this out on Saturday, so far it's true. Someone said monkey to me both today and Saturday and yesterday I saw a website called just by randomness...I'm kinda weirded out by this. Why not alligator or perhaps koala... monkeys are a bit odd if you ask me. Whatever, maybe I'll start a new thing on the side, counting the number of days with a monkey occurrence. 3 days so far.
Today was dismal to say the least, not much at work, although I did make a return trip back to Kokomo in the slush cause I forgot some stuff there for Emmy. Grrr... Stupid me.
V-day is coming up soon, I need plans. I know what I want, will I get it is the real question. I dunno, I'm unmotivated to study or do much of anything lately, the weather sucks and life is just getting to dramatic again. People need to deal with their problems before they become everyone else's problem.
I've put off studying for the last 3 hours, I suppose I should get started soon...