Life or Something Close

Friday, February 27

It's done...

Soundtrack of my life: Stay (Wasting Time) - Dave Matthews Band

Me and MattBad quote to steal I know. But tonight just felt like the end of everything. Our gang once consisted of 5 guys and various girls coming and going. Well the group broke apart one summer and got back together off and on for a while. Then marriage, Army and everythign else got in the way. 3 of the guys are married ro getting marrie dnow, Matt and I were the only ones left. Now he's gone. I'll miss him, he is like a brother to me. We've been best friends through so much that I can't imagine him being gone so long. What do you say to your best friend when he's leaving for a year plus and will be getting shot at on a daily basis? It was hard to say goodbye, I know that he's smart and well trained so I have no doubt that he'll come back to all of us. It's going to be a long year though... Our prayers are with you man... Godspeed