Life or Something Close

Thursday, February 26

A great movie but...

Soundtrack of my life: Recently - Dave Matthews Band

I saw The Passion of the Christ tonight. Most of the gang was there. I would have to say I give it a B+. It was a great story, truly one that I will buy and watch over and over again, but it was a bit gruesome at times. I realize that it's based on the actual story but it really got to me a bit when the blood started pouring out. I will say that it is not a movie for the weak stomach or younger children. However, as a Christian, it is something that I think everyone mature enough to handle the graphic violence should see it. Clearly based on the Catholic perspective it tells the last 12 hours of Jesus' life, flashbacks bring in important parts of the Gospels, Last Supper, Sermon on the Mount, etc. Those were great. Mary is a central character of course and is played wonderful by the actress. A lot of people were crying, I was almost to tears myself. It truly was horrific how He was treated; no one deserved to be treated so cruelly. The best part is it doesn't just end with Mary holding Him after he is taken off the cross, you see the glory of Him rising, truly a moving moment. All in all it is a must see, if you aren't sure of your Christian beliefs, this one will put you right back in to perspective of where it all started.