Life or Something Close

Tuesday, February 3

A bit late getting to this one...
I lost my rock. My little purple rock that I carried everywhere with me. It not that the rock had really meaning to it, but it was mine and I thought it as part of me. I know you're thinking that it's just a dumb rock and all but bear with me. I got this rock at an LK class one day, most people threw theirs away cause it was just a rock, I picked rock very carefully and thought of it as something to hold on to. Well about 2 weeks ago, I lost it, totally gone, never to be found again. I feel like part of me is missing now too. It's like the cross I carry in my pocket. I've had it for the last 3 years or so, a gift from a co-worker that really wasn't thought to be too important either. I've carried it ever since. It's not so much that I treasure it, but I do value it. The meaning behind it is way more important than the little piece of aluminum that it looks like. It's been there for me for the past 3 years, reminding me of my faith and reminding me everytime I reach for change that I should have faith. This is how my rock made me feel too. The rock was a rock, nothing outwardly special. Now it's gone, I want it back, so if you come across a small purple rock, give it back to me will ya? I miss it.
Today was cold as crap and otherwise boring, but we are up day 4 of the monkey syndrome as I've named it. I will add a counter later to count the days that it keeps up. Is anyone else noticing this? Maybe I have only noticed it because I was noticing. Funny how when you look for something it's never there, the moment you stop, there it is... Metaphorical almost... Like when you look directly at a start it almost disappears but when you look just to one side, it's as bright as ever. Life can be so hard sometimes.
Friday we're going to a concert in Ft. Wayne with NewSong, Reliant K, and Audio A, should be fun. No date unfortunately, but a group of good friends is sometimes better anyways. I need a date for next Saturday, anyone wanna be my valentine? It comes with dinner, flowers, and lots of other surprises!... Pathetic I realize.
Now I have to get to Law before I forget everything I just read.