Life or Something Close

Sunday, January 4

A trip around the net:

This post is about my journey around the Internet starting at 9:05PM on a otherwise boring Sunday. I will put up links that I visit and maybe some commentary about what I see, yes I am really that bored....

  • Why are there 9 planets? This delightful site is hilarious for those engineer types out there. God, the Devil, Gabriel, and a whole slew of charaters plan and design the Earth and Universe, here are the memos to prove who said what.

  • Britney got married! I've already seen reports that she has filed for an annulment since it was supposedly a joke that had just gone too far. Who gets married as a joke?! Also if she does stay married this means that Emmy and Kerri Russell are the last 2 women on Earth I'm waiting for. Poorly worded but you get the point.
  • ImageAfter This is a cool site I'm definitely going to have to remember....

  • Unconscious Mutterings Ahh... Word associations, I love these things, since F5, Sexy Sat, and T3 all havent' worked out as memes for my blog maybe this one will, feel free to add it to your blog too!
    1. Vintage:: Jeans
    2. Longing:: Love

    3. Specimen:: Frog

    4. Mock:: Turtleneck

    5. Shit:: Brown

    6. Friday:: Bloomington

    7. Cruel:: 101 Dalmations

    8. Insufficient:: Work

    9. Pessimistic:: Friends

    10. Grin:: Constipation

  • Britney's Marriage License 'nuff said already.

  • Alright it's been an hour... I'm done... Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful... Still "strong like bull"