Life or Something Close

Thursday, January 1

A new beginning...

So yeah, didn't win the lottery last night... I wonder if anyone did? Hmm... Something to check out later. I still have to make that big decision and I can honestly say I'm no closer to coming to any conclusion. Last night was good... just hung out and stuff mostly. We spent most of the time working on CSS for Emmy's blog... it's getting there... just needs some content and maybe some stuff on the sidebar and stuff... It'll come I'm sure. Today I have no idea what I'm going to do... maybe go out... maybe stay in... most likely the former... I'm not a home body... So I just thought I'd spend the next few moments putting links in here and telling you all what I thought about various things.
  • Winamp new version 5 out recently... I downloaded it, not too bad so far, problems with my Logitech keyboard and it but nothing that can't be dealt with.
  • Pagan Alliance of Kokomo first of all, dood get a life. Secondly, if you're going to put up a page for an organization, even a lame one such as the PAK, learn some HTML and don't use Angelfire for anything. I am disgusted by it all really.
So maybe I didn't have as many links as I thought I did but that's cool... At least I got something up here... Anyways I should go do something productive with today... Here's to you and here's to me, let us never disagree.....