Life or Something Close

Wednesday, January 14

I'm suddenly a puppet to the weather now...

Soundtrack of my life: Pictures of the Past - Warren Barfield

Today was a horrible dreary and bad day. I was just so tired all day, I feel like if it's sunny out, I'm fine but when it's rainy, I'm always tired and junk. I got my hair cut today and to quote a previous conversation: "a metro-man that cuts your hair, always does it right...except for the fiancé and the kid he was gay." It finally doesn't look like a little boy haircut now. The guy is great. Definitely recommending him to everyone now. Today was pretty dull really overall. I can't say that I did much at all today. Work was work and now that I'm home I realize that I have a ton of reading to go over and take notes on. All I really want to do is like sleep or just get out of here. I dunno I'll figure it out I guess. I wish my W2s would come from everywhere soon. I have to get my return back so I can afford SB this year. Orlando... how expensive can it be. Anyways I'm talking to Emmy now and I should start studying soon. I'll talk to you all later. btw... that certain someone needs to update their blog too :) And yes, I still like my new phone!