Life or Something Close

Sunday, January 4

Ice everywhere...(and others)

Well not everywhere but kinda everywhere... There's a nice then film of it all over my car right now which probably means that I won't be going anywhere today... at all. Last night and actually the past few nights I've hung out with Emmy. It's been great. Some uneasiness at times and of course we've had our little tiffs or whatever but all in all I'm happy with what's going on with us. Next week will be the test though. We'll both be back to our regular lives and we'll just have to see what happens. Last night we went to the Grant 4 tourney in Gas City. They lost, coaches fault not the team though, he played 5 guards and also let the other team run up the score before he would make any changes to the lineup late in the game. Oh well it's always something with that coach. I've got to get a hobby besides sitting on this computer; I spent most of yesterday just staring at this thing. Yeah it's fun but lets be real, it's all I do sometimes. I have books to read and probably cleaning or something I could be doing. I dunno, my arm hurts right now for some reason... I've been sore lately, wish I knew why. I'm going to go do something else... later 12:15

OK since Blogger won't post today I'm just going to add on to this one I guess Winamp 5.0 is amazing! I jsut clicked on the media library thingya nd checked otu the Internet TV part... Right now I'm watching REM on their AOL Sessions! Uberquality too. There are liek 50 stations to choose from, although most are public access type stations some are music stuff and some look they could have good stuff on them... Other are.... more ... "mature" in nature. Eitherwya if you have a fast connection you should definately check it out.